About Me

really great gelato..mmmmm.

I’m a NYer turned Montanan and I love to make things, read, cook, and observe. I dream of riding bikes, learning to drive, laughing with Paul and living a simpler life.

My favorite crafts are crocheting and sewing, but I dabble in nearly all of them.  I was the founding Craft and Decorating Editor of Adorn Magazine and currently freelancing and figuring out what’s next. If you have some extra pennies, please check out my etsy shop.

And check out ReproDepot, where I blog a couple of times per week.

Email me at lindapermann{{at}}hotmail dot com.


10 Responses to “About Me”

  1. dana Says:

    Stumbled upon your blog and will be back for sure.

  2. mobyclick Says:

    hay-lo. cute place cards!

  3. Lucy Says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say what a great site you have – lots of gorgeous things, really inspiring! I got a link to your blog from the Craft Magazine feed (I’m in the UK) and I love your stuff!

    Am now going to bookmark you…!

  4. Veronica Sainz Says:

    Linda! I have been thinking about you and wondering where in the world you were living these days. What is your new phone number. I called the one I had and it rang and rang…..Good think the internet is littered (i mean that in a fun way!) with crafts and reports about you. I see you have moved to Montana! Good for you!! Has Paul made you the missus yet? Let me know what you are up to. Will you be in SA for christmas? Maybe I can stop by and say hi really quickly. Would love to see you. Huggggssss!


  5. curlywurlygurly Says:

    hi…i found your stuff on etsy–really clever–and then i had to come check out your blog. i visted bozeman this summer and fell in love–i could see how a person could leave nyc (and i guess man-motivation helps too!). we stayed in bozeman for 2 days and had fun at the emerson–eating and shopping. enjoyed your blog and looking forward to reading some more posts soon.

  6. Denise Says:

    Hi, I just started reading your blog and it’s great! I checked out your etsy shop and I couldn’t help but heart some of the earings! I love the yellow ones!! I love your style! Hope to keep reading your interesting posts!

  7. Erin Says:

    I just wanted to tell you how much I love your blog! I read it constantly and I love everything you do. Your creations are so much fun. I hope you never stop crafting because you are amazing!

  8. mongoose1 Says:

    I’ve been enjoying reading your blog! I crocheted as a child and teenager but never did much with it later in life.

    I went to the UofM and still miss Missoula some times!

    Take care.

  9. theresa Says:

    hi! love your awesome site! i’m an aspiring art student and would love any suggestions, esp. with paint/ drawing and ceramics. i love love LOVE all of your stuff, esp. you ceramic stuff and scrap wreath. good luck! i’ll be sure to visit again soon 🙂

  10. theresa Says:

    love your awesome stuff!!!

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